Monday, January 13, 2014

My Hubby's Hobby

My darling hubby, has a new hobby, he was given a lathe for his birthday last year by me.  I love to buy him things that he would never buy for himself, that is how he owns a band saw, I thought it would make an awesome birthday present and I bought it for him when we were first married.  I give really good gifts. 

So, anyway, I gave him a mini lathe so, he could learn to turn wood.  He decided that after making me countless kitchen tools, which I love, that he was good enough to try his hand at pen turning.  Yep, he is really talented.  So, he has some news pens that he has been making and with the help of a friend, I think we are going to try and sell some of his pens. 

The top pen was made for my brother in law, Mikey.  The bottom pen was made for my sister, Melinda.  Melinda wanted something patriotic.  Mikey was a toss up.  I thought about blue but, then I saw the blank for this pen and knew it would be perfect. 
Both pens are acrylic.  They have been hand turned by my hubby. 
He has plans for more pens to be turned in the future.  He has already made two pens for me.  I can't seem to get enough of them.  I love these pens and they are heavy and write great. 
I even told my hubby he needs to get his own blog to write about his hobby but, he is too shy to do this.  Me, I am not shy at all.  I don't have a problem showing off his craftiness.  I am quite proud of my hubby. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Can You See It?

Look into the middle of this picture and see if you are able to view what surprised me yesterday.  It is blending in quite nicely and normally I would never take a picture of the nasty thing but, it struck me that if something can blend this well, it deserves to have it's picture taken. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Going Back to my Roots

I picked up my needles again after finishing a scarf.  It is a lacy scarf and I used sock yarn that I had hand painted many moons ago.  The scarf looks like a neon rattle snake skin.  Pictures will follow once I can block it. 

I knew what was happening, I was craving knitting socks.  Yep, I am knitting a pair for my niece, Maribeth.  I started the cuff last night.  I have a lot of time on my hands right now since I pulled my back.  Talk about misery...I had forgotten how miserable this injury can be.  So, thinking that I was much better last night, I told the hubby to forget the pain patch and I would go to sleep without it.  Big mistake!  So, I am now sporting one of the stinky things and I am telling you, it feels much better with the stinky thing on. 

I have been looking for a nice pattern for her socks but, so far, nothing works.  I might just knit plain old socks, no pattern.  I don't think the yarn will let me do a lace pattern, it is bold and bright.  So, a plain old pair of stockinette socks might just fit the bill.  They will be a mindless knit, which I need so much right now. 

Just a knit that will keep my hands occupied and my brain on cruising mode.  Nothing too serious.  I have plans to knit a stole when I finish the socks.  I will need something more challenging when I finish the socks.  It is always fun to interchange between a seriously skilled knitting project versus a mindless easy one. 

It should be fun. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

It Has Been a While

I know my last post was sad but, it happens.  I am knitting right now with one of my hand painted merino/silk sock yarns.  It is called Wintry Kisses. I am loving it.  The yarn is being knit into a smoke ring.  I have the book, Wendy Knits Lace by Wendy D. Johnson.  The pattern I am currently knitting is Light as a feather smoke ring on page 120.  This will be my second smoke ring in this pattern. I have knit another smoke ring with another hand painted merino/silk sock, that I had left over. 

The top photo is my first smoke ring in the Light as a feather pattern, the yarn is windswept leaves, and it is a hand paint in the super wash merino/nylon blend. I love it for lace.  I painted it in the fall of 2012. 
The second and third photos are of the smoke ring I knit with the left over merino/silk sock yarn.  I have more of this yarn left and plan to knit another smoke ring out of it.  This particular smoke ring was inspired by Circle Socks.  I love the circle sock pattern.  I have even retro fitted the pattern for smaller feet.  I have had several requests for the socks from several family members.  What they fail to realize, I am no longer knitting socks for anyone other than myself or my hubby. 

For the circle smoke ring, I cast on 120 stitches with a US 6 needle, this is going to be knit in the round so, break out those circulars, I had the 16 inch cable.  You will also need a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round.  For the pattern, you will have to go to Ravelry and look in the sock patterns and find Circle socks.  It is a freebie.  Use the pattern exactly as written and start with the purl row after you cast on, be sure to not twist your stitches.  You will also end with the purl row and you will have to bind off in purl.  It sucks but, that is the way the ball bounces sometimes.  The best part of the whole pattern, you get to do as many pattern repeats as you want since it will be custom made to your neck size or to whomever you are planning on making it for. Once you finish the pattern, it will need to be blocked.  I knit this with fingering weight yarn. 

It was so much fun to knit and it uses up stash yarn.  I have a lot of stash yarn and I am trying my best to use it.  I am not even buying yarn for me to knit with right now.  I am trying to knit with what I have right now to clear some of it out of here.  I have way too much personal yarn.  So, I am finding all sorts of small projects to use up my yarns.  I love little knitting projects.  Small socks are so much fun to knit for babies and toddlers.  I noticed that several charity groups are looking for socks and hats for newborns.  I might have to look into that when I have more time than right now. 

Anyway, the light as a feather smoke ring is a simple pattern and it shows off hand painted yarns nicely, see top photo.  I will take pictures of the Wintry Kisses smoke ring when I finish it and block it.  Then I will be starting another one for someone else.  I have a long list of family members and friends who need presents from me.  They love getting hand knit items from me.  It keeps me busy and it also keeps my hands in shape for knitting more items. 

So, if you are sick of knitting just socks, think about branching out and trying some lace with that sock yarn.  Just go up  a couple of needle sizes and knit away.  It is fun. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Shocker!

Today I found out some really horrible news about a friend of mine, she passed away today from a heart attack and I learned about it on Facebook.  She was incredibly spunky, sassy, very patriotic, sweet, kind, considerate and the best damn Avon lady I have ever had the chance to meet.  You will be missed, Glynda. 

I have been in shock, I nearly had a panic attack and had to calm myself down.  I have talked to her cousin who is handling things on this end, I guess she is digging out insurance papers, and everything you need when someone you loves passes on.  I have no idea what is to become of her two little doggies.  I always advise my friends who lose loved ones to get as many copies of their death certificate as you can, you are going to need them.  Everyone needs a copy of it. 

I am trying to get her a DAR grave marker and that is another problem.  I keep reading about the 8 months it is going to take to get one ordered and to get it placed on her grave is another hassle but, we will persevere and get it done.  You see, my friend she was a go getter and one of the nicest people I have met besides my Mom.  Our chapter is going to be very sad for a while because she made a serious impact in our lives. 

She believed in getting it done and she did it with pride.  She even won an award for her volunteer genalogy work.  Oh yes, we loved Glynda very much for all that she did and all that she was. 

Rest in Peace my friend and I hope God will hold you in the palm of his hand. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Found Time to Work

Here is one of the mitts that I am currently working on.  I am using Palette by Knit Picks and I chose to use a pink and a light brown for this mitt.  I finished it but, I only have one taken care of.  I would have done the second one but, the fires from down the road did me in.  I had to take off much needed time and get myself back to normal, which is taking way longer than I thought it might. 

Do not ask me the colors of the yarn, I have no idea at this point.  I am having a hard time concentrating right now.  My sleep schedule is really off and I find myself going to bed at 4 am and waking up at weird hours in the night.  I can't get comfy.  Now, my poor hubby has gotten the crud from me.  Poor guy. 

I will get back to work on the mitts tomorrow.  I have so much to do and KRHF is looming on the horizon.  Anyone know where I can get two more sets of arms and hands that know how to knit? 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally! Pictures!

This the first mitt of the week.  I chose to use verdant heather and turmeric as my color choices for this mitt. 

The pattern is my Charity Selbu knit mitt.  I revamped the palm of htis pattern.  The back of the hand is still a Selbu rose.  It is very striking. 
I used a k1, p1 ribbing for 1 inch on the cuff and then proceeded to make the cuff markings with the snowflake.  Always a favorite motif for me.  Very simple and yet very elegant. 

The thumb is just plain old stockinette since I wanted to show off more of the background color this time around.  Usually, I knit the palm pattern onto the thumb. 

This was knit on US 2 Addi turbo needles. 
Only 98 more skeins to go.